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Sunbiz Roofing provides a robust warranty for all our roofing services, extending up to 10 years for replacements. This coverage includes craftsmanship across services, ensuring all projects, from repairs to installations, adhere to the highest industry standards.

What’s included:

Our warranty covers your roofing project in its entirety. This includes safeguarding against leaks, material defects, and installation errors for all services. Issues arising within the warranty period, regardless of the service type, are promptly addressed and resolved.

Peace of mind:

We back our work with a robust warranty program that reflects our commitment to quality and trust. The program is designed to give you confidence in every project, from minor repairs to complete roof replacements.

100% Compliant Roofs.

Peace of mind!

Experience peace of mind with our professional roofing services. All our roofs are 100% compliant with FBC. We guarantee our roofs with top industry warranty. Contact us for a free comprehensive roof and attic inspection.

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