Code Compliance & Updates for South Florida – Sunbiz Roofing

The recent updates to the Florida Building Code, which began implementation in December 2023, are important for roofing contractors and homeowners to understand.

Dimensional shingle roof replacement

The changes affect several areas, including the installation of underlayment, with new guidelines stipulating the use of a dual layer of underlayment for different roofing materials, such as metal and asphalt shingles. The primary underlayment must meet specific ASTM standards and is applied beginning at the eaves with a particular width and fastening technique, continuing with successive courses overlapping by precise measurements.

A notable modification involves the width of self-adhering modified bitumen membranes, which is now set at 95 mm. The updates also introduce a more dependable requirement for dual-layer underlayment systems, aiming to establish consistent and reliable practices for installations inside and outside of High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ).

The Florida Building Code has revised the 25% roof replacement rule due to the enactment of SB-4D in May 2022.

The previous rule required a roof replacement if there was damage to more than 25% of the roof surface. However, the changes now stipulate that homeowners may only need to repair the damaged section instead of replacing the entire roof if it was constructed post-March 2009 and already meets the 2007 code. Homes built before March 2009 and without subsequent roof replacement still fall under the last iteration of the 25% rule and must have a complete roof replacement if over 25% is damaged.

    These revisions aim to offer a more cost-effective and flexible approach for roof repairs and replacements, balancing the needs of property owners and the demands of the building industry. Compliance with these updates is essential, and roofing systems must be constructed or repaired accordingly to adhere to the new code.

      For a detailed overview and guidance, roofing professionals can refer to the analysis provided by the Florida Building Association or Florida Building Code.